LION HEART SOCIETY is the first and only domestic violence prevention charity with national scope and local service, supporting Duluth Model coordinated community response teams, or domestic violence task forces. Founded in October 2014, Lion Heart Society is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. We support the brave work of police officers, prosecutors, shelters, advocates, child protective services, churches and many others who coordinate efforts to stop intimate partner abuse.

We do three things in every community we serve:

  • We join the local task force as a permanent partner.
  • We establish an October fundraiser in the community to offer one grant annually to that task force.
  • We provide the task force with administrative support.

Current active and emerging programs are located in Georgia, South Carolina, and Virginia, with plans to serve high risk communities in all 50 states.

Our Board of Directors

Ms. Kathryn Rainey

Mr. Kirk Marshall

Ms. Brooke Valentine

Mr. Dan Blaine

Ms. Elizabeth O’Neal Mason

Advisory Council

Mrs. Jan Langbein

The Honorable Henry T. Woods

Pastor Don Davidson

Mrs. Jennifer Renner Kelly

Our Team

Mrs. Eileen Longstreet

Mr. Garrett Bowers

Please note: Lion Heart Society is not a victim’s services charity. If you are a victim of abuse and need help, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233. Consider that your phone and internet usage may be tracked. Always prioritize your safety, and that of your children.