State pilot projects are currently in operation in the following states:

Georgia Lionhearts

Athens, GA                  Established November 2014

Decatur, GA                Established May 2016


South Carolina Lionhearts

Columbia, SC             Established February 2016


Virginia Lionhearts

Alexandria, VA          Established January 2015



Lion Heart Society retained the CPA firm Renner and Company, of Alexandria, VA to file for IRS 501(c)(3) designation as a nonprofit.  We anticipate nonprofit status in January 2017.

Lion Heart Society follows an annual fundraising and grants disbursement schedule, with local fundraising in October during National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  Funds are raised in each of the communities we serve. 100% of every dollar raised is used to fund a grant the following spring, for the task force in those very communities. In addition, Lion Heart Society works with major gift donors in support of specific financial goals.

Lionheart Grants

Grant seekers are eligible for a Lionheart Grant if they are task force members of a task force supported by Lion Heart Society. Grant seekers may make applications by submitting a Letter of Inquiry, with supporting documentation if desired, to their task force’s Lionhearts representative.  All LOIs are collected and reviewed by a separate Allocations Committee. The Allocations Committee is an anonymous board of community leaders, chosen annually to voluntarily serve on committee. The committee’s purpose is to identify the task force’s annual greatest need and award grants in support of addressing that need, or needs.